Battery in Louisiana is defined by LA. Revised Statute 14.33, the following statutes define and govern the potential sentences for:

Definition of Battery

While each of these charges have distinguishing elements, in order to be convicted of one of the above charges a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant intentionally used force or violence upon the person of another; or administered poison or other noxious liquid or substance to another.

As is clear by the charges listed above, the Louisiana Legislature has categorized the charges of battery by the means and/or by specific classes of victims.

Possible Penalties for Battery

The possible penalties for Battery in Louisiana differ greatly based on the circumstances and the exact statute a defendant is charged under but range from a misdemeanor to incarceration with hard labor for 15 (fifteen) years.

Potential Defenses to Battery

A consultation with one of the attorneys at Lawrence Law Firm can bring to light facts and circumstances useful in mounting unique and creative defenses or mitigating factors such as: lack of intent, lack of knowledge, absence of a weapon, absence of injury, the extent of injuries, lack of force, lack of contact, as well as the potential for affirmative defenses.

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