Intent to Distribute

Intent to Distribute in Louisiana is defined by LA. Revised Statute 15:542.1.4 , and subsequent statutes each respectfully defining and describing the crimes and penalties associated with each category of scheduled controlled dangerous substances.

Possible Penalties for Charges involving Intent to Distribute

The possible penalties for charges involving intent to distribute in Louisiana differ based on the classification of the substance and factors including: amount, presence of cash, weapons, and other materials. 

Potential Defenses to Charges involving Intent to Distribute

Because it is a crime involving intent, intent to distribute is often raised out of subjective and circumstantial evidence. A consultation with one of the attorneys at Lawrence Law Firm can bring to light facts and circumstances useful in mounting unique and creative defenses or mitigating factors which can help to preserve your record and protect against interruptions or complications with your employment, school, or future.

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