Traffic citations can range from pesky and annoying to potential threats to licenses and as a result careers. At Lawrence Law Firm we cater our approach to your traffic citation based on your unique needs and priorities.

Commercial Licenses

If you are a commercial driver or have a commercial license, a traffic ticket can have major consequences for your license, career, and financial livelihood. Not only are there fines and penalties, but if you don't have the right representation you may be required to take time off of work and pay for travel to appear in person. If you, a loved one, a co-worker or a client is not from Louisiana and would find it difficult to return for your court date call Lawrence Law Firm.

We assist insurance companies, organizations, transportation companies, other law firms, and especially individual drivers handle traffic matters in North Louisiana often without requiring them to appear in person, and even more importantly without significant impact on their driving record.

Routine Traffic Ticket

Few things are less convenient, or more poorly timed than getting pulled over for a traffic violation. Often you were in a hurry or already thinking about something else, and that is why you were cited. At Lawrence Law Firm, we understand this possible misstep should not control anymore of your time than it already has. With a customer-service-based approach we use our legal knowledge and experience to not simply get you the best results, but ensure to communicate proactively with you so you are not left waiting in the dark. If you have been cited for a traffic violation and could use help taking care of it, call Lawrence Law Firm, or fill out the contact form and a local licensed attorney will be in contact with you.

What Court do I go to?

Traffic citations can be very complicated as to jurisdiction. You may have been stopped by a state trooper outside city limits, but he may have believed he "clocked" your speed within city limits. Does he write you a ticket and summon you to court in that city, in the parish where the stop was made, or do you go to some other special court since he is a state officer? The answer to this question is often answered at the bottom of your ticket. The date, time, and address, where you are agreeing to appear by signing the ticket should all appear clearly and legibly at the very bottom.

However, some citations are more complicated, and different courts handle traffic matters differently. At Lawrence Law Firm we have experience dealing with many of the courts across North Louisiana. We are versed in the various possible obligations which may accompany your citation. Call us today to schedule an appointment so we can guide you through the process and, if you choose, act on your behalf to minimize any damage to your driving record or potential increase in your insurance premiums! 


Most will agree, speeding is the most common traffic violation. For most, a speeding ticket is their only interaction with law enforcement. Such an interaction can be pleasant (under the circumstances) or more often can be remarkably intimidating, emotional, and downright scary. In such a situation, it is important to remain calm and remember you are guilty of nothing until proven so in a court of law.

At Lawrence Law Firm we recommend being polite to Law Enforcement Officers, but volunteering no more information than you are legally required to do. This information is seldom more than your name, driver's license, and proof of insurance. If you receive a citation, so be it your next step should be to call an attorney. Even if you don't contact us, we cannot recommend enough, speak with a licensed attorney about the ticket. 

Often, even the simplest process to "pay-off" a ticket is fraught with disaster should you fail to turn in paperwork, use the proper form of payment, or simply forget to call and follow up. At Lawrence Law Firm we use a three-point system to ensure not only a proactive approach but also constant communication with our client as to the progress and resolution of your traffic matter.

Moving v. Non-Moving

While the titles may make it obvious, the major differences between moving and non-moving violations are how they affect your license and, more significantly, your insurance premiums. Non-moving violations seldom result in an increase in your insurance rates while moving violations can cause drastic increases.
At Lawrence Law Firm, our attorneys relentlessly seek alternatives to moving violations and have had consistently positive case results throughout North Louisiana. We are able to achieve these results with the use of our 3-point system which guides you through the legal process, acts quickly and proactively, and sees you and your results week through to your satisfaction.