Drugs and Guns

Violations of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act includes a provision involving the unlawful carrying of a firearm while also in the possession of a controlled dangerous substance. What many defendants have a difficult time understanding is even if the firearm is legally registered or even being legally carried as a licensed concealed carry, when paired with a scheduled controlled dangerous substance the otherwise legal gun carrier is committing a felony which carries a MINIMUM of 5 (five) years at hard labor.

Possible Penalties for Charges involving a Firearm and CDS

While the maximum penalties greatly differ based on the circumstances and the CDS involved, the minimum is 5 years at hard labor.

Potential Defenses to Charges involving a Firearm and CDS

 A consultation with one of the attorneys at Lawrence Law Firm can bring to light facts and circumstances useful in mounting unique and creative defenses or mitigating factors which can help to preserve your record and protect against interruptions or complications with your employment, school, or future.

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