Starting A Business in Louisiana

Starting a business raises many questions. Getting answers to those questions often requires paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for professional advice from bankers, accountants, insurance professionals, lawyers, or consultants. Unfortunately, many of these professionals will have little stake or interest in the success of a new business.

The best way to ensure the success of a business is for the founders to educate themselves. At Lawrence Law Firm, we provide the tools for business owners to educate themselves and are also available for custom advice. As small business owners, we understand a rising tide raises all boats. We are pulling for your business because we know prosperity in our great state helps all of us!

Here are just some of the resources we work with and supplement to assist small business owners in getting started or scaling:

Louisiana Secretary of State - The secretary of state's office (in any state) should be the first stop for any aspiring business owner. Registration, Incorporation, and in some cases licenses will all be necessary and facilitated through this office, as well as the filing of annual reports, updates in membership, and other corporate documents.

Small Business Administration -  The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a wealth of information on starting your business, obtaining capital, and other potential government assistance. The SBA is also a great resource for those looking to potentially obtain government contracts. 

Louisiana Economic Development - Louisiana Economic Development (LED) is another gold mine of information for those starting a business in Louisiana. Those wanting to start businesses in other states should seek a similar agency in their respective state. LED provides up-to-date programs, news, and information on state-supported endeavors helping small businesses across our state.