Personal Injury

Local Personal Injury Lawyer in North Louisiana

As you drive in Louisiana, you pass hundreds of billboards with the faces of personal injury attorneys claiming to get you money for injuries. At Lawrence Law Firm, you will not find our attorneys on billboards or encouraging you to treat your injuries like lottery tickets. Legal claims and cases should be an effort to make an unfortunate victim of the negligence whole. Excess money may be awarded to compensate attorneys or doctors or punish bad actors.

The bottom line is Louisiana law obliges one who causes damage to repair it. This may be in the form of medical bills, repairs to property, lost wages, or pain and suffering. At Lawrence Law Firm, we are not out to make ourselves or our clients rich based off of their misfortune. We advocate for our clients to receive justice in the form of repair to their damaged property, reputation, and lives.

While this site is under construction, Lawrence Law Firm is currently accepting Personal Injury Cases. Please Contact Us for a consultation.