Small Business

At Lawrence Law Firm we have designed practical and easy-to-use options for owners to obtain customized legal services for their small businesses. Our options are Start-Up, Single Project, and Subscription. Each option has its own structure for quotes, billing, and payments and each option caters to different needs at different speeds for entrepreneurs who are aspiring, building, or conducting their businesses. 

Start-Up Model

The Start-Up Model (SUM) is the most straightforward option for an entrepreneur who is embarking on a brand new business venture. This option could be used events such as for starting a business from scratch, adding a separate entity to an existing business, or setting up a new entity to facilitate a merger or acquisition. Included in the SUM option will be:

  • Two (2) Consultations (with an optional third if both parties deem necessary)
  • Filing for incorporation with the appropriate Secretary of State
  • Articles of Organization
  • Filing for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS
  • Obtaining a License Checklist (for businesses in Louisiana)
  • Serving as the Registered Agent for a period of One (1) Year
  • Email reminder when the first annual report is due

The cost is $2000.00 as a flat fee. This means the price is due upfront and all work will be completed on a pre-negotiated deadline. To get started laying the foundation for your next successful business, schedule an appointment today.


Single Project Assistance

The Single Project Assistance (SPA) option serves as a way for a business owner to receive the customized legal assistance they need with one specific venture or event. In the past such events have included:

  • Expanding to another location
  • Acquiring a competitor
  • Selling the business
  • Adding or removing partners
  • Preparing the business for litigation

SPA options have the widest range of pricing, workflow, billing, and outcomes based on the various nature of the engagement. Schedule an appointment to speak with Mr. Lawrence about how we can best help you navigate your upcoming venture.


Subscription Formula

We are so excited to offer our newest option, the Subscription Formula (SF). Mr. Lawrence has been designing this service since he started in business, much before law school. In Mr. Lawrence's own businesses he often found when legal services were needed the risk of loss was high, cash flow was low, and the time to get a legal professional up to speed was nonexistent. There had to be a better way of making legal expenses more predictable, keeping a legal professional up to date on an ever-changing business, and not paying fees for unused time.

From these issues, the subscription formula was born. The subscription formula is a tailor-fit program catering to your business's legal needs paid on a recurring schedule, making your legal expenses predictable and manageable. Furthermore, this keeps our legal team engaged in your business, so if legal issues arise we are up to speed and ready to act. Some of our current clients include the following in their Subscription Formulas:

  • A predetermined number of document reviews each month
  • Annual reviews of vendor contracts, leases, and employee and management agreements
  • Regular coaching calls
  • Live Troubleshooting of legal and business issues
  • Seasonal Pricing and Resource allocation based on the business needs

Mr. Lawrence sits down with each owner to discuss their needs now, concerns about the future, and annual cash flow cycles to determine a schedule to keep services proactive and manageable. To discuss a custom subscription formula for your business, schedule an appointment today.