Criminal Defense

Very few things are more intimidating than the criminal justice system. When searching for a Criminal Defense attorney people often seek information, expectations, relief, and results.


When people call our office they have questions: how do I get my son out of jail, why is my niece being accused of this, how quickly can we go to trial, what exactly am I being accused of? These are examples of questions Lawrence Law Firm answers constantly. We understand you are seeking to speak with an experienced attorney to get the information you need now. That is why at Lawrence Law Firm, you will speak with an attorney before any money is discussed. You will receive the benefit of our experience while we answer all of your questions with the information available to us. We know everyone who calls us will not sign up to be our client, but we guarantee you will feel more equipped to face what may come next.


When you reach out to Lawrence Law Firm you can expect a prompt and courteous response. What is more, you can expect, through your consultation with one of our attorneys, we will assist you in forming accurate and reasonable expectations regarding your pending legal matters. This includes, timelines, speed with which information will become available, and the difference hiring an experienced attorney could make to your case.


When you are faced with an unfamiliar problem, typically stress begins to mount and time seems to be in short supply. After just a consultation, so many who have spoken with our attorneys leave saying they, "already feel better." Now armed with information about the process and the assistance of forming accurate expectations even those who did not become our clients left with the feeling of relief you are likely seeking now.


Most importantly, in our consultation we discuss results. No attorney can guarantee your results based on their past performance. However, at Lawrence Law Firm we provide an accurate picture of the charges, their potential penalties, and possible defense strategies. Then we discuss your values and priorities and work with you to come up with a custom-fit strategy to defend against the charges.