Business Cycle

"There are no finite answers to many questions. What really counted was your thought process" -Jack Welch Former CEO of General Electric

Success in small business requires an eternal cycle of Planning, Preparing, Protecting, and Producing. From idealization to implementation and scaling, business owners must continue to guide their business through the cycle. The most successful owners progress through each phase diligently, but progress to the subsequent phase directly and efficiently.

Based on our experience, owners are most successful when they think and operate in a business cycle of:





We refer to this as a cycle because it continues even after founding to scaling and, if applicable, exit.

At Lawrence Law Firm we assist small businesses and their owners in navigating the cycle of small business, thinking ahead to the subsequent phases, and executing them. Our founder, Aaron Lawrence has assisted businesses nationwide as a consultant, attorney, and advisor. Whether you are in a pre-startup phase and looking to incorporate, are scaling into new markets, or have hit a new point in your business and would like guidance on how to proceed, schedule an appointment with us to see how we can assist.