Sex Crimes Involving Juveniles

Louisiana has defined a juvenile, for the purpose of sex crimes as a person under the age of 17. However, it is important to take note, many of the crimes listed below have increased penalties when the victim is below the age of 13. The following crimes are linked to the statutes that define and govern the potential sentences for them.

Possible Penalties for Sex Crimes Involving Juveniles

The possible penalties for Sex Crimes Involving Juveniles in Louisiana differ greatly based on the circumstances and the exact statute a defendant is charged under but range from a fine to incarceration with hard labor for 30 (thirty) years.

Potential Defenses to Sex Crimes Involving Juveniles

A consultation with one of the attorneys at Lawrence Law Firm can bring to light facts and circumstances useful in mounting unique and creative defenses. It should be noted in most cases involving the crimes listed above ignorance of age is not a defense.

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