A misdemeanor in Louisiana is defined as a crime carrying a potential fine of less than $1,000.00 or a maximum penalty of less than 1 year in jail without hard labor.

Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, Staff at the District Attorney's office, and even some defense attorneys may tell you misdemeanors are no big deal. However, certain classes of misdemeanors involving elements such as theft, fraud, violence, alcohol, or operating a vehicle may have far-reaching consequences which you deserve to be advised of before making any decisions.

At Lawrence Law Firm we will walk you (or your loved one) through each of the foreseeable consequences of any disposition. These may include effects on employment or licenses, require fines, fees or costs, or continued education classes required on a form of probation. Regardless of the requirements, the attorneys at Lawrence Law Firm will dedicate the time necessary to ensure your concerns are answered according to your unique priorities.