What should I expect when bonding someone out of jail?

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If you receive a call from someone in jail requesting that you help bail them out of jail, you must prepare yourself for this significant legal responsibility. Each parish has its own unique procedures for posting bail, and we recommend you call the holding facility or detention center to inquire about the process. Before you begin the process, though, you should know that if there is a warrant out for your own arrest, you may also be arrested and not be able to bail your friend or family member out of jail. 

When you call the facility, you will need to ask the following questions:

  • Has a bond amount been set by the judge? If so, what is that amount?
  • Are there any extra fees required to be paid before the accused can be released?
  • Are there any holds on the accused, such as a parole hold, probation revocation hold, ICE (immigration) hold, etc.? Note: if there is a hold on the accused, the accused will not be released from jail, even if you put up the full amount of the bond in cash. 
  • What type of payment methods does the facility/detention center accept?

You will also need to determine whether you can afford a full cash bond or whether you should hire a bond company. The benefit of paying a cash bond in full is that once the case against the accused is resolved, the amount you put up to secure the release of the accused may be returned to you. If you cannot afford to put up a full cash bond, hiring a bond company may be beneficial to you. A bond company will require you to put up somewhere between 10-15% of the total bond. The bond company, in return, will put up the full amount to secure your friend or loved one's release. You will not, however, be returned the money you put up at the conclusion of the accused's case. 

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for you. The attorneys at Lawrence Law Firm have successfully defended clients accused of a variety of criminal offenses. Call 318-232-4000 for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

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