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Battery Of A Dating Partner by Strangulation and Simple Burglary Of An Inhabited Dwelling - **Charges Dismissed Without Prejudice**

May 2021

After doing some internet research and calling law firms all over north Louisiana, Robert, the father of our client, found our phone number and called our firm. He was surprised to be able to speak with Mr. Lawrence the same day and have a consultation regarding his son, whose initials are RS. RS, while attending a local university was arrested by law enforcement after a complaint was filed by his girlfriend. His girlfriend stated he had broken into her home and began hitting her and placed his hands around her throat to try to choke her. The police department provided her with the information for her to file for a temporary restraining order and proceeded to obtain a warrant for RS's arrest.

Robert proceeded to hire Mr. Lawrence, and our office immediately enrolled in the upcoming hearing to lift the protective order. Mr. Lawrence cross-examined the two witnesses the victim produced and ultimately had both of their testimonies thrown out. Mr. Lawrence then cross-examined the victim, who volunteered to take the stand to testify. After a short series of questions, Mr. Lawrence began to suspect the victim may not be sober. After a few more questions, the victim admitted she was intoxicated and had taken "pain-killers" and "smoked" in the parking lot before the hearing to "calm her nerves." Mr. Lawrence proceeded to have her testimony stricken from the record and moved for the judge to deny her request to have any protective order remain in place. The motion was granted. 

Once Mr. Lawrence presented the record of this hearing to the prosecutor, they agreed to drop all charges.

Since every case is different, the reproduction of these results cannot be guaranteed. However, if you would like to schedule a consultation, the attorneys of Lawrence Law Firm will look at the facts of your case with the same scrutiny and will work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable results.

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Aaron D. Lawrence

Aaron is a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in Ruston, Louisiana. He received his Juris Doctor and Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law from the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center. He received his Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from the University of North Tex...