His team continued to keep me and my family informed

As a current military family, we find ourselves often moving many times with only one or three years at any given place. My son continued to attend a university in the area while the rest of our family picked up and moved to our next assignment. A year later I found out that my son was facing some serious allegations that led to charges. Unable to be the area and knowing that laws sometimes differ from state to state, I was blessed to find an attorney I could trust in helping us navigate through the trying times. Knowing Aaron D. Lawrence is from a military background himself; I knew and was confident that this is a man that will not give up or quit. I can assure you that he fought tirelessly for my sons release while searching for the truth, resulting in him now being by our side. Although COVID-19 prolonged many of the judicial processes Mr. Lawrence and his team continued to keep me and my family informed. I greatly appreciated our candid conversations and the bottom-line up-front approach seeing that we both are cut from similar cloths. Mr. Lawrence will always fight for his clients and work his hardest to have both judgments and rulings in his clients favor. Trust is always key to an attorney and client relationship; I will tell you that Mr. Lawrence is an attorney you can trust. If I ever find myself needing an attorney in the state of Louisiana again, I assure you he will be the one I call on. Competence and determination are definitely his watchwords. - 5 Star Google Review

– Rob Sie